Let’s think about solar power generation


Let's think about solar power generation.

Solar power generation has a vast amount of resources, and it is a power generation method that permanently generates clean energy.

In this world where anti-nuclear power plants are screaming, do not use chemical fuels or substances that adversely affect the human body,

It uses only natural energy to create electricity.

Because solar power is converted directly to electricity by using the natural light of the sun.

During that operation, exhaust gas etc. are not generated and it is also a very eco-friendly power generation method.

Let's raise an eco-friendly generation method similar to nuclear power generation.

First, familiar wind power with big windmill. Geothermal power generation. Biomass power generation.

Wind power generation has the largest share of China. If the wind blows, use that power and make electricity.

However, voices such as noise problems are also rising.